Saturday, October 27, 2007

the new bag

My new tote from the book stand in Central Park and the liner I made from the fabric I bought in Soho!

trip to NYC

Last weekend I spent my second Saturday in a row in NYC. I love this city so much. Its something you have to experience. The weekend before was birthday shopping for two of my boys mixed with a girls day out. This past weekend it was sightseeing with my friend Vicki. She and I are both addicted to knitting. Her request for the day was to find a yarn shop. After we did some shopping we headed down to Soho. I had asked online where a good shop was and Purl seemed to be the favorite. I can SO see why! Soho was beautiful. Its one place in the city I could see myself living. The yarn shop was adorable. Bad news for my husband they also had a fabric shop a couple doors down. I picked up two skeins of blue for a quick something to make for my youngest who just turned 1. Then off to the fabric store. I couldn't believe my eyes. This place had the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen! After my ADD brain stopped spinning I picked up a scrap pack from the basket by the door to make a liner for my new tote I had bought from a book stand in Central Park. I've already told my friends here about the shops. We are now trying to find a day where all our husbands will be home so we can sneak off to the city again.