Saturday, October 27, 2007

the new bag

My new tote from the book stand in Central Park and the liner I made from the fabric I bought in Soho!

trip to NYC

Last weekend I spent my second Saturday in a row in NYC. I love this city so much. Its something you have to experience. The weekend before was birthday shopping for two of my boys mixed with a girls day out. This past weekend it was sightseeing with my friend Vicki. She and I are both addicted to knitting. Her request for the day was to find a yarn shop. After we did some shopping we headed down to Soho. I had asked online where a good shop was and Purl seemed to be the favorite. I can SO see why! Soho was beautiful. Its one place in the city I could see myself living. The yarn shop was adorable. Bad news for my husband they also had a fabric shop a couple doors down. I picked up two skeins of blue for a quick something to make for my youngest who just turned 1. Then off to the fabric store. I couldn't believe my eyes. This place had the most beautiful fabric I have ever seen! After my ADD brain stopped spinning I picked up a scrap pack from the basket by the door to make a liner for my new tote I had bought from a book stand in Central Park. I've already told my friends here about the shops. We are now trying to find a day where all our husbands will be home so we can sneak off to the city again.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

my perfect if-I-worked-out-of-the-house-job..........

So if I ever had to work outside my home I would work as a paid extra. (yes there is knitting envolved in this post) I did this as a job before I got married but but I was a knitter. I did manage to make really good money and read an entire series of books in two weeks on the set. There's alot of hurry up and wait. So in early April I saw a commerical looking for volunteer extras to be in a Will Ferrell movie called Semi-Pro. Its a basketball movie that takes place in the 70's hense the tacky big hair and clothes) I hadn't done this in years so jumped at the chance. I asked my mom to babysit all four kids so I could spend half a day on set. Then I thought WOW I can take my knitting. I ended up not having any mindless knitting projects on hand so I bought some Noro for a Booga Bag(the picture is of it before felting). After 6 1/2 hours of filming I had half the bag done. I was so happy not only did I get to hang out with my friend Jennifer and watch famous people but I also had tons of knitting time. Which is rare for me to get alot of knitting done with my little ones.
A couple weeks later I got another email needing extras for a Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn movie called What Just Happened which is supposed to be at the Cannes Film Festival (my son snapped the picture as I was brushing the hair away from my face. i am not that much of a ham). This was shooting all night so babysitting wouldn't be a huge problem for mom. (just in case your wondering we are staying with my mom to help her out. normally i wouldn't be able to do this) So off to the set again but this time with my friend Jessica. This time I took a sock to work on and taught Jessica to knit.

So now back to real life and to my job I really love being a military wife and mom to my four little ones.